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1 Maret 2011
Behind The scene - Hiphiphooray CREW outing 2010, Puncak Bogor
Basically, Hip Hip Hooray together with Ceria kids party organizer expresses an organizer values from the inside out. : each crews receives an education in togetherness and peace. Those crew who have inherited a warm togetherness heritage from Hip Hip Hooray and Ceria can feel a special pride, but everyone gets in the spirit for being one FAMILY. We LOVE you all detail

28 Juni 2010
Kids Birthday Party Secrets – 5 Ways to Make Things Real Fun!
A birthday party is something every kid cherishes. So, you must make sure that your child has so much fun at the party that he just cannot stop talking about it for the rest for the year! Bringing the ‘wow factor’ in your kid’s birthday party is a must if you want to some brownie points as a parent. In case you are short of ideas as to how you can do that, don’t worry because help is here. detail

12 Februari 2009
Baby Corner in a birthday party
One of the most important things to remember about baby's first birthday party is that it is more for the adults and older children in the baby's life than for the actual baby. Children at the age of one are really not able to participate much in the festivities, but the grandparents, parents, family members and friends are there to make the event special. Dont be confuse if you most of your invitee are babies. Hiphiphooray still will help you creates fun birthday party also for babies. detail

18 November 2008
Hiphiphooray tips on decorating a birthday party
Decorations add color and excitement. A little creativity goes a long way and you don't have to spend a fortune. detail

30 Oktober 2008
Big Bubbles, little bubbles, colourful bubbles, round bubbles, shaped bubbles,... bubbles everywhere detail

30 Oktober 2008
Face and body painting activities
This is the "What" and How Face and Body painting activities can entertain children in a birthday party detail

26 September 2008
Pancake - Kids favourite amongst all
Only Hiphiphooray creates cute characters Pancakes at a birthday party detail

18 Agustus 2008
Personalized Invitation cards design
You can buy invitations in many fun themes. Hiphiphooray can even personalize invitations with your child's name, age and party info. detail

16 Agustus 2008
History of Pinata... How fun it is to know its origin
Most people think of piñatas as a fun activity for parties. The history of the piñata reveals many interesting facts that go beyond the playing of a game, although piñatas certainly have been intended for fun. detail

13 Agustus 2008
Hiphiphooray gives everyone a party favor for savor - Special goodie bags for a special birthday
No body should leave a party without goodie bags detail

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Arkadia Joice
Puasss banget sama service nya Lulu n the gank, pestanya sukses n meriah recomended banget d pokoknya thanks yah lu, semuanya Oke bangetttt Love it so much !!!

Ester Cia
Ci lulu, thanks for organize my baby Michelle 1st bday party. I love how you arrange the whole thing. and how your team do their job. satisfied...! entar kalo anak kedua 1st bday lagi yah, kita kon... detail

We thank to Hiphiphoor4y and Ms Lulu for organizing Nathan 1st Birthday which became a fun and cheerful party. And also to MC Kamal, two thumbs up for him..

Mbak Lulu & team, thanks ya..temen2 anakku pada hepi smua. Team Hip2hoor4y OK bgt, gosah browsing2 EO laen deh:)

My impresseion terhadap HIPHIPHOORAY...OK BANGET ! Thanks yah Lu udah bikin party Kaylene & Michelle jadi meriah buanget. Ideas Lulu emang top..dan cara kerjanya EXTREMELY organized dan CEPET banget..... detail

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Hip Hip Hooray Kids Party Organizer specializes in organizing all kinds of kid's events. We know exactly how to make all events extra funfor everyone. We came to think "out of the box" and come up with the craziest ideas just to get your smile.

Now we are not just covering Jakarta, Bekasi, Serpong Area. Our services has covered Rangkasbitung, Cirebon, Tasikmalaya, Lampung, Bengkulu, Cianjur, Bandung, Bogor, Medan, Pontianak, Mataram Lombok and Surabaya. For those of you who wants to create a Fun, Happy and Memorable party outside Jakarta, dont worry to contact us and we are ready to bring all the service to your home town with the best quality and price.

Surprizingly, we came accrossed overseas as well. We have recently sells some products to Singapore, Hongkong and Canada.  If you want to order some party stuffs and goodie bags from Jakarta, we can send it to your countries. Payments are available through PAYPAL. Its completely hassle free and competitive!

Arlova Taulany 4th Birthday (Andre & Erin Taulany Daughter)

Amel & Ara Birthday

(Daughters of Ussy Rachmawati & Andhika Pratama)

Kemeriahan Ulang Tahun Anak Andre Taulany

Chacha's 10th Birthday Party

Daughter of Mr. Parto - Opera Van Java

Tasyakuran Aqiqah Baby Akbar

Grandson of Mr. Suryadharma Ali, Indonesia's Minister of Religious Affairs

Zelda 2nd Birthday Party

Granddaughter of Mr. Fuad Bawazier

Former Indonesia's Minister of Finance

zelda 2nd birthday , granddaughter of mr. Fuad Bawazier

Sharla's 9th Birthday Party

Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Maulana

Arka's 6th Birthday Party

Son of Mr. Anjasmara & Mrs. Dian Nitami

Jasmine & Shenna's 1st Birthday Party

Granddaughter of Ibu Miranda S. Goeltom

Former Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia

Zahwa Massaid's 11th Birthday Party



Savannah's 1st Birthday Party @ Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom

Daugther of Mrs. Alya Rohali

alya rohali


Keanu Massaid 2nd Birthday Party @ Giggle The Fun Factory Jakarta

keanu 2nd birthday


Khirani's 5th Birthday Party @ Hotel Sultan Jakarta

Daughter of Mr. Bambang Trihatmodjo & Mrs. Mayangsari

khirani birthday



Anjani's 8th Birthday Party

Granddaughter of Ibu Martha Tilaar

martha tilaar


Kenzo's 3rd Birthday Party

Inge & Ari Wibowo's son

Inge & Ari Wibowo Son's B'day


London's 1st Birthday Party @ The Capital Residence

Adilla Dimitri & Wulan Guritno's daughter 

wulan guritno


Keanu's 1st Birthday Party @ Hotel Sultan Jakarta

Adjie Massaid & Angelina Sondakh's son

Keanu Massaid 1st B'day, Adjie & Angie's Son


Reizo Kanaka's 1st Birthday Party @ Pontianak

Grandson of Drs. Cornelis M.H, The Governor of West Kalimantan

gubernur kalimantan barat

Alya Aurelia Hendarso 6th Birthday Party
Granddaughter of General Bambang Hendarso Dhanuri
Chief of The Indonesian National Police

Alya Aurelia Hendarso 6th


Cherry's 2nd Birthday Party

Granddaughter of Mrs. Sylviana Murni, The Mayor of Central Jakarta

sylviana murni

Arkazora's 1st Birthday Party @ Hotel Sultan Jakarta
Nugie & Shinta's son

with nugie


Abisha's 1st Birthday Party

Grandson of General Sutanto

Chief of The State Intelligence Agency/Former Chief of The Indonesian National Police



Alisha's 8th Birthday Party

Granddaugther of Mr. Aburizal Bakrie

Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare

alisha birthday

Namira's 6th Birthday Party
Granddaughter of The Late Mr. Ali Sadikin
Former Governor of DKI Jakarta

namira sadikin


With Okky Lukman as host

Callysta Angelica 1st Birthday Party @ Hotel Harris Kelapa Gading

okky lukman

It's that special day - your child's birthday! And with every birthday, there's a children's birthday party waiting for you to plan, coordinate, and run smoothly so everyone stays sane and happy! But it's the millenium year, what is entertainment like these days? What options do you have and will you have to spend a fortune to get a smile? Worried that you might run out of ideas? What kind of party games do kids play these days?

We promise: You'll get the smiles. You'll get the giggles. You'll want to have your camera at the ready! There's food, fun, cakes and games for everyone!

Our expert 'creative artists' are always overflowing with new ideas to fill each birthday. At this site you can see how birthday's have changed over the years. What's in and what's out? Find out, right here. Read on for some great ideas on how to make birthdays special.

Still having trouble planning out a party? Then get in touch with us! We will chip in with our expertise!


diary bunda

Talk Show Theme : "Special HUT TV ONE"
live at o channel

Talk Show Theme : "How To Plan A Unique Birthday Party"
Hosted By : Jill van Diest & Erwin Parengkuan
o channel


Good Housekeeping Magazine Talkshow : "Planning Family Financial"
With Ms. Ina Susanti (Standard Chartered Bank), hosted by Ms. Liza Harun
mother and baby


arrow product 50 Burger and 50 Hotdogs

50 Burger and 50 Hotdogs
Price Rp 3.000.000

arrow product Acrobat Show

Acrobat Show
Price Rp 1.500.000

Approximately 20-30 minutes shows
Price quoted are for Jakarta Area
Outside Jakarta Available upon request


arrow product Cartoon Train

Cartoon Train
Price Rp 4.500.000

3 hours party duration.
Capacity 10 kids per ride


arrow product Mini taart

Mini taart
Price Rp 30.000
2pcs face towel ± 30x30cm (thick & thin)  
color: white/offwhite/pink/peach/red/blue/green/brown 
topping: strawberry [customizable]
packing: mica box

arrow product 200 pax minimelts ice cream

200 pax minimelts ice cream
Price Rp 4.500.000

arrow product Ben 10

Ben 10
Ben10 is the most wanted cartoon theme in 2008. Get your favourite characters visit you in your birthday party  detail

arrow product Tas boneka Pooh

Tas boneka Pooh
Price Rp 90.000

arrow product Battery CAR

Battery CAR
Price Rp 2.500.000
This is absolutely fun for kids and adults. With minimum order of 3 cars, Children will have the most challenging experience in a birthday party.  detail

arrow product Dapur Seafood Pantai Mutiara

Dapur Seafood Pantai Mutiara


arrow product 100 Popcorn and 100 Cotton Candy

100 Popcorn and 100 Cotton Candy
Price Rp 1.750.000
Only made from selective ingredients and colourings. Completely save for children.
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